Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you come to my house to teach lessons?

We do not do in-home lessons. With our sound-proof, acoustically correct teaching studios; recital area; and state of the art music notation software, we have created an excellent learning environment for our students. We feel that it would be impossible to offer that same distraction-free environment in someone's home.

Is my child old enough to begin lessons?

6 years old, or even younger, is an excellent age to begin lessons. Music education for young children increases learning abilities in all areas, plus helps students develop problem solving skills, discipline, and learn how to work toward goals. If your child is old enough to go to school, even pre-school, he/she is old enough to take music lessons.

Do you offer any sort of discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for families that have more than one person enrolled in lessons.

Do I have to learn how to read music?

Yes, you must!

Can we come every other week for lessons?

Every other week lessons simply aren't effective. Students need the consistency of a weekly lesson to be held accountable for practicing their weekly assignments, and so that their teacher can be sure that no bad habits are setting in with their technique.

Why should my child participate in recitals?

Recitals teach students to work towards and achieve goals, overcome nerves or fear of being in front of an audience, build confidence, and it’s exciting for their friends and families to hear them perform. Students that perform in recitals regularly practice more consistently, and stay in music lessons longer than students that don’t perform. That’s why recitals are a core part of our lesson curriculum.

Are there any ensemble opportunities?

We offer ensemble opportunities for intermediate and advanced students.

Do you sell instruments?

No, we do not sell instruments or sheet music because we don't want to detract from our lesson time to sell things to our students. Instead, we prefer to focus on teaching, and recommend music instrument dealers in the area that we know and trust.

Are you a recording studio?


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