Private Lessons

Private Lessons are weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Students are expected to be on time and prepared.


Tuition payments are to be made at your last scheduled lesson of the month; payments will cover the upcoming

month. Monthly lesson prices are as follows:

30 minutes – $108

45 minutes – $162

60 minutes – $195

Months with five weeks will have a one week break. This occurs approximately every three months.

Families with two or more students enrolled are eligible for a 10 percent monthly discount. However, the discount will not be

available if tuition is paid late.

Late Fee

A $10 late payment fee will be added to tuition payments made after the last scheduled lesson of the month.


There are two types of cancellations: advanced notice cancellations and last minute cancellations.

Advanced notice cancellations are made before 12:00 p.m. on the day of your lesson. If you take lessons in the mornings or on

Saturdays, cancellations must be made by 8:00 p.m. the night before your lesson. This can be done via phone, text, or email.

Because our schedules are full, offering make-up lessons is like a game of musical chairs with 100 players. We need ample time to

notify people which spots are available. Only advanced notice cancellations are eligible for make-up lessons.

Last minute cancellations are not eligible for a make-up lesson because it does not give us the opportunity to offer your spot to

someone who gave advanced notice.

Make-up lessons are offered to current students only.

Students are allowed one reschedule only for each missed lesson. You cannot reschedule or “make-up” a make-up lesson.

As your teachers, we are most excited by your progress as musicians and young people. We want you to have four lessons every

month, which is why we have the most lenient policy of any music studio in our area.


Students are expected to practice no less than thirty minutes and no more than five hours per day. The only way to improve on any

instrument is through daily, focused practice. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of playing an instrument is the feeling that

progress is being made. Please make this a priority.


Students who pass a performance evaluation will have the opportunity to participate in recitals. There is a $20 fee for the evaluation

and recital, which is due with your monthly tuition payment. Each student is encouraged to prepare at least one piece that they

have learned in lessons, and perform it for a small audience which consists of other students and their families. This is an excellent

motivator for practice and a great opportunity to perform in a supportive environment.