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Start With a Free Lesson

Da Capo Music Studio is proud to offer expert instruction for 

guitar, piano, voice, flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, violin, and viola.


Choosing the right music teacher can be a difficult decision. That's why we offer a free trial lesson for all new students.

Because every child processes information differently, we strive to tailor our curriculum to meet each student's unique needs. Your free trial lesson gives us the opportunity to learn about you and your child; and gives you the opportunity to visit our studio, meet your instructor, have a free lesson, and see how we do things at Da Capo.

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."


We believe an effective lesson experience encourages students to eventually teach themselves. It is our goal to instill within each student a passion for music that will inspire them to be musicians for a lifetime.


"Without music, life would be a mistake."

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Few artists realize the beauty of a perfectly played scale. And too few teachers insist upon it..."
~Johannes Brahms

"A painter paints on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."

~Leopold Stokowski

"The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best."
~Henry David Thoreau

About Us

Da Capo Music Studio opened in the Elburn and Countryside Community Center in November, 2009, with owners Ben Westfall and Kristin Paxinos as the sole instructors. In less than four years their student roster had grown to over 120 students, they added 3 additional instructors, and they moved to the Prairie Valley North Commercial Complex at the corner of Routes 47 and 38. Their new location featured a recital space and a third sound isolation booth for private lessons, technique classes, and ensemble rehearsals.

Over the next five years Da Capo continued to grow, and in 2018, they expanded once again and celebrated their ninth anniversary in a brand new 2,200 sq. ft. space in the Elburn Crossing Shopping Plaza.

Because students who perform regularly practice more consistently and stay in music lessons longer than students that don't perform, recitals have always been a core component of Da Capo's curriculum. While researching his book, "The Savvy Music Teacher,"  David Cutler, author and Professor of Music Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina, discovered how many recitals Da Capo has hosted. When he contacted Ben and Kristin and learned how they have made recitals an integral part of their curriculum, he decided to feature them in his book as one of 100 music teachers from around the country that are making an impact.




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"Ben and Kristin care about our community and it shows. My kids really like them and I think a big part of that is because they treat them like aspiring young musicians instead of just kids."

"Da Capo offers conservatory trained teachers. The level of professionalism here is seldom matched in the western suburbs." 

"My daughter has been a piano student at Da Capo for 6+ years. Kristin is a phenomenal teacher! She is patient and kind but firm when needed. She has built up my daughter's confidence so much. I am amazed at her piano playing abilities."

"Da Capo strives to provide a fun, professional learning environment that achieves results. I would highly recommend them!"

"Students at Da Capo are taught proper technique and musicianship in a fun and creative environment. (guitarists learn to read music, which is rare) My family has been attending Da Capo for more than 5 years and we are extremely pleased with our progress. Highly Recommended!"

"I have been able to expand my horizons to include not only classical guitar, but many different types of music, including playing duets in a guitar ensemble."

"Ben is always kind, patient and encouraging. He is dedicated to his students enjoyment of and success in music."

Frequently Asked Questions

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