Guitar Lessons

"You can't not like someone that likes the guitar."

~ Stephen King



Guitar lessons at Da Capo incorporate a fool-proof approach that empowers students to develop good technique while learning to read music. For beginners, this well-thought approach from the start is essential. For intermediate to advanced students, we place a strong emphasis on music theory, which applies to fretboard awareness, improvisation, and arranging.

Most guitar methods have fundamental flaws that inevitably cause students to develop bad habits. Playing an instrument is very physical, and should be done with efficiency and athleticism. First impressions are everything; the way you play your first month is the way you will play into your old age.  


Ben Westfall teaches guitar lessons at Da Capo Music Studio

Ben Westfall

Ben Westfall is a fingerstyle guitarist and graduate of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He earned a Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance under the guidance of Clare Callahan, a former student of Andres Segovia.

Ben was a featured artist at the 2008 and 2011 Mills Brothers' Scholarship Fundraising Concert, alongside Broadway star Matt Bogart. Ben can be heard on New York-based songwriter and playwright Todd Almond's album, "Mexico City."

In addition to being founder of Da Capo Music Studio, Ben has over 15 years of experience teaching private guitar lessons to hundreds of guitarists from ages 3 to 85, approaching 30,000 lessons. Ben is an expert in guitar technique and music theory, and he shares his passion for the history, performance, and theory behind music with his students. His students have successfully auditioned at top music schools throughout the country. He has an innate ability to connect with students of all ages as he passes on the centuries-old fascination with the guitar. Ben is an active member of his community in Elburn, Illinois, and is a wonderful father to his two sons, Keiton and Nolan.

Eric Meuer teacher guitar lessons at Da Capo Music Studio

Eric Meuer

Eric Meuer studied Classical Guitar and Jazz Guitar at the University of Evansville under Professor Renato Butturi. He graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science Degree, specializing in Music History and Literature, with a passion for film scores and composition.

While at the University of Evansville, Eric performed in several ensembles including the Jazz Ensemble and the University of Evansville's Classical Guitar Trio. Eric has performed at Carnegie Hall, Victory Theater, and several local places in and around Chicago and Nashville.

Eric became a guitar instructor to share his knowledge and passion of technique, theory, and performance with his students. His patience and attention to detail has allowed him to excel in his own studies and music instruction of others. Additionally, his participation with ensembles allows him to work well with groups of various sizes. He aspires to complete further education in the subject of musicology at some point in the future.

To prove he is a music nerd, Eric has a cat named Hildegard, after Hildegard of Bingen. If you don't know her - homework assignment: look her up!

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