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“Thank you so much for being creative and accommodating by offering the virtual lessons! It truly was nice to sit in on my son’s lesson. This allows him to continue learning and enables all of us to maintain some normalcy. I can’t wait for the next recital for everyone to show off the practice they are putting in no matter the challenges we face.”

-Aimee C.

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Online lessons are a great option for any student! Some students prefer to do all of their lessons online, or some prefer a combination of online and in person. Each student has a specific time slot for their lesson, so it is easy to switch back and forth.


Another option is a 30 minute in person lesson, and a 15 or 30 minute virtual "check-in" later in the week. This is a really good option for advanced students that have a great deal of repertoire they are working on, or for younger students that need an extra mid-week lesson to make sure they are staying on track with their practicing.


Having the ability to do virtual lessons makes it incredibly easy for everyone to get in make up lessons, keeps lessons consistent through times when it is difficult to get your child to our studio, and it also gives parents the opportunity to see and hear what we do in lessons!

For tips on how to set up for successful virtual lessons, check out our blog post,

Online Lessons at Da Capo.



















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