Piano Lessons

"There are eighty-eight keys on a piano and within that, an entire universe."

~ James Rhodes

Kristin Paxinos

Kristin Paxinos recieved a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University, and a Master of Music from DePaul University. Before founding Da Capo, Kristin performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Chicago Symphony Center with top tier orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

As a piano instructor Kristin has over 25 years of teaching experience working with students of all ages, from young beginners, to advanced students, to adults taking up a new instrument. Her youngest students begin lessons at age 4, learning the basics of posture, hand position, and playing basic melodies. Kristin has a passion for working with young beginners and firmly believes that music education for young children is incredibly valuable for their brain development, motor skills, reading, and concentration.

In her piano lessons, Kristin emphasizes technique and theory, and encourages her students to find their own voice on the instrument by equipping them with the tools and skill sets required to build musical mastery on their own


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