“One of the things that I love about Da Capo is that the kids perform in regular recitals which gives them something to work towards and look forward to. It has done a lot for my kids’ self-esteem and maturity.”

-Heather M.

 We have found that students who perform regularly, practice more consistently and stay in music lessons longer than students that don't perform. So, at Da Capo, performance is a core component of our lesson curriculum.

Our recitals help students identify and achieve goals; provide a safe and supportive environment for children to build confidence and overcome nerves or fear of being in front of an audience; and give them an exciting opportunity to share their new skill with family and friends.

Since August, 2010, we have hosted more than 200 recitals. Because of the success of our events, author and Professor of Music Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina David Cutler featured us in his book, "The Savvy Music Teacher," a collection of 100 successful music teachers from around the country who are making an impact.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events