Voice Lessons

"Those who wish to sing will always find a song."

~ Swedish Proverb

Brittany Anderson Voice

Brittany Anderson

Soprano, Brittany Anderson, graduated from Northern Illinois University with both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She graduated Cum Laude during her Bachelors and with a near perfect GPA in her Masters. During her time at NIU, she studied under Myron Myers. Brittany has been cast in lead roles in seven operas. Some of her favorite roles include the Queen of the Night in the Magic Flute, Fiordiligi in Cosi fan tutte and Konstanze in Abduction from the Seraglio. Brittany has also performed in many oratorio works and served as the soprano soloist in Poulenc’s Gloria and Bach’s B Minor Mass. In addition to classical music, she also loves to dabble in pop, country and musical theater vocal music as well.

Currently, Brittany can be seen singing and soloing with St. Charles Singers, based out of St. Charles, Illinois and serving as the soprano section leader with Heartland Voices based out of Elgin, Illinois.

Brittany is trained in the classical Bel Canto (“beautiful singing”) technique. This technique, which she will teach to her students, involves a state of vocal freedom and a strong breath support that will allow the singers to sing long, beautiful, legato phrases. One of the biggest hinderances in singing is tension in the voice, and in lessons, a main focus will be to free this tension. In addition, students will learn to analyze the pieces of music they are working on to find the character of the piece and be able to properly display the emotion and give the performer a well-rounded, emotional performance for their audience. Brittany believes that singers of all ages should also be able to read music, so her instruction will also have a focus on music theory and sight reading to give every student a great foundation for whatever avenue of music they choose.

Da Capo Music Studio voice instructor, Dezirae Maffit

Dezirae Maffit

Dezirae  Maffit holds a B.A. in Vocal Performance from Eastern Nazarene College, receiving the highest honors in her graduating class. While in the Boston area, Dezirae sang in various ensembles including the Chamber Singers Choir. She also served as the solo vocalist for Eastern Nazarene College’s official 4 O’Clock Jazz Band. Ms. Maffit was awarded the Outstanding Scholar Award from the Head of the ENC Music Department for her exceptional focus, dedication, and leadership, as well as her advanced skill and presentation in the performance setting.

Before moving out to Boston, Dezirae sang competitively in the Chicagoland area. She was a three-time qualifier for the Illinois Music Educators Association District IX Choir from 2011 to 2013. She ranked number one in the District IX first soprano section in 2013. She also gained musical theatre experience at that time, participating in a variety of roles and musicals–from Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera, to Sir Bedevere in Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Ms. Maffit's teaching philosophy encompasses several methods to ensure that her voice students receive the best instruction for their own personal needs. Her main focus for voice is to guide students toward using a “free” instrument, devoid of tension–both within and outside the studio. Teaching singers to release unnecessary tension produces healthy singing and speaking habits that will prove beneficial to singing in any genre for a lifetime. Dezirae also believes that performing should be built with a solid theatrical foundation. Her students learn to entertain, past simply singing the notes on a page. Instead, they are taught to captivate their audience through powerful emotion and beautiful singing.