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Can Music Help Kids With ADD and ADHD?

By Da Capo | Apr 4, 2018 |

All children process information differently and each has their own unique learning needs. Some even have learning challenges that affect them physically, cognitively, emotionally, or behaviorally. Researchers are finding that music offers the foundational groundwork for countless learning solutions. Music has a unique effect on the brain, which makes it highly effective for increasing cognitive…

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Blog - Develop Critical Thinking Through Music

Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through Music

By Da Capo | Nov 7, 2017 |

Critical thinking is a term that we hear a lot, but many people don’t really stop to think about what it means or how to use it. In education, critical thinking is a form of learning that goes beyond memorization and recall of facts. It enables students to synthesize information and apply creative thought to…

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Blog - House of the Rising Sun

Video: House of the Rising Sun – Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

By Da Capo | Oct 24, 2017 |
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How Music Leads to academis achievement

How Music Study Leads to Success Later in Life

By Da Capo | Oct 22, 2017 |

Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice trained as a classical pianist. Economist and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan was a professional clarinet and saxophone player. Billionaire  Bruce Kovner founded and ran one of the most successful hedge funds in the country; he was also a pianist who took classes at Juilliard The…

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how to practice effectively

How to Practice Effectively

By Da Capo | Oct 22, 2017 |

The success of your musical practice depends not only on how many hours you log, but on how effectively you use your time. As Annie Bosler and Don Greene, the creators of this TED Ed lesson point out, this advice can apply to everything from music to sports. They define  effective practice as “consistent; intensely focused;…

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