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Da Capo Has Gone Virtual!

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At a time when every part of our world has been upended, we are absolutely committed to keeping lesson going for our students!

We now offer virtual lessons via Skype, FaceTime, and Google Duo. We are also in the process of recording accompaniment parts for students to practice with at home. These will be available on our website so that studetns can easily access them. Our recording library will include accompaniments for solo pieces students are working on in lessons, as well as ensemble recordings for our group members to practice along with at home.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Lesson

  • Choose a quiet room, free from distractions
  • Make sure you have a metronome availble to use that is on a different device than the one used for the video call
  • Be sure to check your email before your lesson so that you can print up any materials that your instructor may have sent.
  • Make sure to have a pencil handy so that you can make any necessary notes in your music.

How to Set Up Your Space For the Lesson

  • Piano: Your device should be to the side of the piano, as your teacher would sit in your lesson. They will want to be able to see the keyboard and your hands so they can correct technique and hand positioning as well as notes, rhythms, and dynamics
  • Guitar: Your device should be in front of you so that your instructor can see your guitar and torso. That way they correct fingerings and technique, as well as all other music elements.
  • Woodwinds & Brass: Your device should be placed so that your instructor can see both you and your entire instrument to correct posture and technique.
  • Voice: Your device should be placed so that your instructor can see your head and upper body to correct posture and technique.

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