There are some really fun and useful theory apps to help with everything from learning note names, to ear training. Here is a list of a few of our favorites!


This is absolutely our favorite theory app! You can do everything on this one. There is a section for fret board note identification and keyboard note identification, plus anything else you can think of! You can work on note names in all clefs, chords, scales, and ear training. All of the categories can be adjusted making it suitable for all levels, from beginners to students with advanced theory knowledge.

Click here to find information about the Tenuto app for iPhone and iPad. If you do not have an Apple device, you can access all of the Tenuto exercise at


Music Tutor

This is a timed note naming app. You can set the timer for 1-5 minutes, choose you clef, and specify range of notes. We often have Music Tutor competitions at the studio to see who can name the most notes in one minute.

For piano students, there is no Grand Staff option on Music Tutor. This is really the only downside to this app. Piano students can do each clef separately, or choose both Treble and Bass Clefs. The positive to this, is that when you choose both clefs vs being able to use the grand staff, students must check their clef first before answering. This results in lower numbers of notes named per minute compared to single clef instruments, but it really forces students to memorize their clefs thoroughly.

Click here to find more information about the Music Tutor app.


This app is great for younger students. It is only for learning note names. There is no other theory involved, however, you can set it to answer by naming the letter name or pressing the appropriate keyboard key. You can adjust the settings to limit which clef and which notes are asked, use various key signatures to incorporate accidentals, and it can be done using solfege or letter names. The notes come out of a ferris wheel type machine and move along the top of the screen. If the note is named correctly, the note falls and a little monster eats it. If it is not named correctly, a tractor at the end of the screen sets the note on fire.

Click here  for the Noteworks app for Android.

Click here  for the Noteworks Apple app.


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