Da Capo Music Studio is proud to offer expert instruction for 

guitar, piano, voice, flute, saxophone, and clarinet


 Choosing the right music teacher can be a difficult decision. That's why we offer a free trial lesson for all new students.

Because every child processes information differently, we strive to tailor our curriculum to meet each student's unique needs. Your free trial lesson gives us the opportunity to learn about you and your child; and gives you the opportunity to visit our studio, meet your instructor, have a free lesson, and see how we do things at Da Capo.

Upcoming Events

  1. Student Recital

    July 29 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child begin music lessons?

We strongly believe that starting music lessons at a young age is beneficial for children. Music education for young children increases learning abilities in all areas, plus helps students develop problem solving skills, discipline, and learn how to work toward goals. If your child is old enough to go to school, even pre-school, he/she is old enough to take music lessons.

For guitar and piano, students can start at 5 years old, or sometimes even younger. We have had many students start begin lessons at 4, and they have been very successful and continued lessons at our studio for years.

Children can begin voice lessons at just about any age. To avoid injury to young vocal chords, we prefer to wait until they are about 12 years old to begin working on vocal technique and expanding their range.

For wind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone), we recommend students be at least 7 years old to be sure that their lungs are strong enough, and their hands and arms are big enough to properly hold their instrument.

Do you offer performing opportunites for your students?

At Da Capo, we offer monthly recitals for our students. Recitals teach students to work towards and achieve goals, overcome nerves or fear of being in front of an audience, build confidence, and it's exciting for their friends and families to hear them perform. Students that regularly perform, practice more consistently and stay in music lessons longer than students that don't perform. That's why recitals are a core part of our lesson curriculum.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for families that have more than one person enrolled in lessons.